Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nuclear Technician Prospector

Hamann boys go through two distinct appearance phases as infants. Phase 1: Old Man. Phase 2: Painfully beautiful. It is with a little disappointment that I am announcing Luca’s official transformation into Phase 2.

Why would I be disappointed by Luca turning into a painfully beautiful baby? I dunno. Child abuse? There was just something completely awesome about having a tiny 80-year-old man around. And his lack of teeth combined with his near constant smiling gave him an Old Timey prospector look. He always looked like he was about to say, “Thars gold in my diaper, I tells ya! Gooold!”

Aside from the Old Timey prospector, Luca can also look a lot like a nuclear technician. Luca has this awesome jumpy seat plaything he spends a lot of time in. It’s a big, plastic circle he sits/stands in the center of. He is surrounded by a seemingly infinite collection of buttons, toys and gadgets. It creates the effect of Homer Simpson’s work station at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He absolutely loves it. And, quite frankly, when he’s in it you can go take a shower or go check email or go fight the Galactic Empire with a certain obsessed 3-year-old.

All you need to do is occasionally ask Luca if he’s keeping the town safe from a Three Mile Island style disaster. He’ll look up and smile with his “Thars gold in this nuclear power plant! Goooold” face.

But, that’s all coming to an end. We’re going to have to retire the Old Timey Prospector and the Nuclear Technician. And make room for whatever occupation painfully beautiful people do. Kept Man? Layabout? Creative Director at an ad agency?

p.s. A quick Eli story. We had a Father’s Day cookout last Sunday. As I lit the grill, I gathered all the toddlers around me and warned them about burning their faces off. I said, “Guys, what is the hottest thing out here?” I pointed to the grill.

Elijah responded, “The sun!”

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