Saturday, January 9, 2010

Future Swan

Luca is going to be good looking. Real good looking. There is a chance, with his dark coloring and big blue eyes that he will actually be better looking than Elijah.

But, much like the ugly duckling that turns into a swan, we’re in a bit of a…ahem…unfortunate stage.

Luca has a full blown case of Cradle Cap. Remember Cradle Cap? It’s that stuff that grows on top of some unfortunate babys’ scalps that looks as though someone smeared cottage cheese on their heads and put them in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

To top it off, literally, Luca is losing his hair. But, he’s only losing it on top of his head, which makes him look like the poster child for male pattern baldness. Oh yeah, that ear hair? Still there.

And he still has baby acne. And about three kinds of rash. And currently 2 ounces of formula caked in his chin folds.

Last night, I was doing the overnight shift and I looked at him while rocking him to sleep. Gooey, cakey, bumpy and stinky and I said, “I love you, son. But you’re a mess.”

He responded with an emphatic toot.

So when he graces the cover of “Space Teen Beat” and “Space Playgirl” magazines in 18 or so years, I’ll have the above photographic evidence to keep him from becoming too full of himself.

1 comment:

dennis Ryan said...

I think Luca looks magnificent. Dammit.
Cradle cap may be a precursor to male pattern baldness but candidly, I have the latter and would greatly prefer the former. So there's that.
You go, little Hamann guy #2. You go with the good will and warm blessings of all of us guy #2's.