Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exploding The Green Frog

Alight. I’m going to say it. Luca is an awesome baby. There. Jinx away, jinxers. He slept through the night last night. With as much fanfare as spitting up on his onsie.

This morning I was getting Elijah his daily banana ration and Diana came down with boy #2. I asked, as I always do, “So…how did Duke do last night?”

Diana responded, “He woke up at 5:15.”

“Oh, after the 2am feeding? Great.”

“No. He woke up at 5:15.”

“Okey dokey. Smell you later.”

I put my coat on and walked out the front door. It took me until I almost got to the train to realize this major milestone. Our first son, who shall remain nameless, did not accomplish this feat until he was almost a year old.

We should be jumping up and down and getting tattoos of him on our arms. But, like everything with this kid, it was totally mellow.

Oh, yeah. And he rolls over too. Another major milestone. Rolling over. I dunno. I think I’m falling down on the blogging job with this kid. But he makes it so darn hard to get worked up over this stuff because he doesn’t get worked up. He just tries to explode that plastic frog with his mind powers.

Exploding the plastic frog? Let me explain. Because Luca isn’t in constant need of attention, he spends a whole lot of time in his bouncy seat. His bouncy seat is equipped with a string of little plastic hangy-guys that dangle right in front of his eyes. In the center is a wide-eyed green frog. It used to beep and boop, but it came from Diana’s sister in France and we don’t have the appropriate battery. So it just hangs there, staring at Luca.

But Luca stares back at it. Hard. Unblinking. He concentrates with all his might on the green Frenchy in an epic staring contest. I get the feeling that Luca is trying to blow it up with his mind powers.

And darn it, he deserves to blow up that green frog with his mind powers. He’s a good baby. I’d give anything for him to just once blow up that frog. Yes, it would mean he’s a Scanner (1981 movie starring Jennifer O’Neill), but I think he’d use his telekinetic powers for good.

p.s. Here is that Luca tattoo. It’s a little goopy and healing right now. And it’s subtle. Like Luca.

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