Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wake Up Call

This morning I got up with Elijah to give Diana a break. But I feel a little guilty about my before 7a.m. parenting. I am not joking when I say my interaction with the child was letting him kick me in the head as I lay on the couch staring at Sesame Street. Eli didn’t seem to mind because, well, he got to kick me in the head. And Grover sat at the other end of the couch clearly thinking, “Better the man than me.”

But promptly at 7:01, we went upstairs for the greatest wake up call in the world. I plopped Eli down on the bed and he crawled over to Diana and woke her up with a humungous hug. She immediately went into cardiac arrest from cuteness. He then gave her a kiss. Her eyes rolled back into her head as Eli chattered, “Mama, mama” and hugged her some more.

I rubbed my head in jealousy, knowing I could be dancing the cha cha, on fire, while juggling chainsaws and I couldn’t break through their love moment. I said loudly, “Well, I’m off to go move in with another family who actually pays attention to me! And they’re rich!”

Diana said, “That’s nice,” and continued making out with Eli. Eli said, “Mama.” I stomped out of the room, saying to Grover, “Let’s go. Dudes rule. Babies and Moms drool.” He looked at me with the old, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out” look and proceeded to jump on the bed for some belly scratching.

p.s. This is a photo of the two love birds. I’m pretty sure that’s Grover in the background.

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