Monday, August 25, 2008

Best Voicemail Ever

I have a little tick when it comes to my office persona. For some reason, I can’t stand voicemail messages. When I arrive to my desk and the little red light is blinking on my phone, I fall into a deep funk. “What do they want? Why can’t they leave me alone?” I’ll call to the ceiling, while shaking my fist. Then I’ll crawl under my desk and hide for a few minutes. After I’ve collected myself, I’ll peek my head out from under the desk and see if the red light is still there. It usually is. Which sends me under my desk again.

Well today when I got back from a soul-crushing, but not as soul-crushing as usual meeting, I got the red light. After wiping away my tears, when I pressed play, this was the message:

“(Tiny Baby’s Voice) Ahhhh. Beehhh. Ahhhm. Ooooooaaaahhhh”

“(Woman’s voice) Talk to your dada. Say hi."

“(Tiny Baby’s Voice) Aaammmm. Ahhhhhh. Ahhhhhh.”

“(Woman’s voice) Say hello to dada. Say hi. Say hi to dada.”

-several second break-

“(Tiny Baby’s Voice) Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

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