Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Disgustingly Cute

I got home last night and Diana was on our bed with Elijah reading a book about brushing your teeth. I crawled into bed with them and Di offered to let me take over and she’d finish dinner.

Grover followed me on the bed and plopped his head in Eli’s lap, a rare maneuver from a dog who views Eli as his arch attention-grabbing enemy.

So I started to read to Eli from my favorite Elmo book, but Eli shoved the book out of my hands and vigorously shook his head. He pushed the tooth brushing book on me. I said, “Again? You only have eight teeth.” But he persisted and I started in on rhymes about floss and, um, tooth loss.

Grover began licking Eli’s foot in a most friendly manner. I said, “Give it a rest, goofball.” Grover went back to resting his head on the boy, who tried to poke him in the eye.

I tried to move back to the Elmo book. Because, well, I like Elmo, ok? But Eli refused and made me repeat the tooth brushing book again.

Just then Diana entered the room and said, “I forgot to tell you the cutest thing in the world happened today. I came upstairs a little while ago and Eli was feeding Grover milk right out of his sippie cup.”

The same sippie cup Eli was currently drinking from.

I looked at Eli and said, “How incredibly gross.” It was going to take a lot more than a tooth brushing book to help that child.

Grover sighed and looked lovingly at his new best friend.

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Steve Hamann said...

"Who has teeth? Well, look around and you'll find out who, you'll find that red headed uncles do. Policemen do and zebras do, and unicycle riders too".