Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nerds vs. Jocks

For the umpteenth Saturday in a row, Diana had a Wine Goddess thing during the day today, so in an attempt to entertain Elijah, I invited my brother Steve and his son Finn over to play and watch the pundits pour over Joe Biden’s speech syllable by syllable.

Finn has recently gotten heavily into Star Wars, which is irrefutable proof that he is Steve’s child. Finn brought over a bag full of our old Star Wars toys and we set to playing. Which essentially meant running around the living room at top speed, shouting, “I am Obiwan!” And agitating the heck out of Grover.

The whole event culminated in Steve, Finn and I playing Eli’s musical instruments and singing a song we made up called “Clone Troopers are awesome.” The lyrics had something to do with Clone Troopers. And how awesome they are.

I looked up and saw Elijah standing just outside our drum circle holding a soccer ball with a horrified look on his face.

At which point it hit me that my son might very well be a jock. Despite being half me, he might have inherited the jock genes of his mother.

I just hope he’s a cool jock. One of the kind who fraternizes with the nerds from time to time. Like when we’re finishing our half time marching band maneuvers and he’d say, “Nice playing,” as he puts on his helmet to quarterback a come from behind victory and win the heart of the head cheerleader.

p.s. Today’s photo is a new trick Eli learned called “Where’s the Ball?” If he can’t reach a ball he shrugs his shoulders and the nearest adult has to grab said ball or overdose on cuteness.

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