Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dad Hungry

Diana begs me every morning to eat a salad for lunch. Why? Because she knows when I’m out of her sight I eat terribly. Right now I am smearing the keyboard with deer sausage and cheddar cheese. When Diana is at work, I am famous for my “Third Grader Dinner,” which consists of fish sticks and tater tots.

Well, I’ve found a new love: Elijah’s food. I can’t resist the stuff. Chopped up bananas. Chopped up grapes. Chopped up turkey meatballs. I employ the “one for you, seven for me” theory. Eli doesn’t seem to mind as long as he gets to smear his cut all over his face, neck, ears and eyeballs.

I particularly love food packaged for babies. If it has Elmo, Grover or Big Bird on the cover, you can guarantee I’m going to eat it by the fist full.

This doesn’t jive with Diana. Mostly because my love of eating his food coincides with my love of not throwing things away. She’ll reach for a box of Cookie Monster brand crackers and find one half of a cracker rumbling around the bottom. She’s actually taken to hiding Eli’s food from me so he’ll actually have a lunch.

But I can sniff out a baby yogurt hidden behind a package of spinach from a mile away.

Today’s photos is another Christening shot. As you can see, Elijah was a bit scared and needed to hold onto his dad. But he chose to hold onto my zipper, which rendered a good 20 photos horribly awkward for public consumption.

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