Thursday, April 2, 2015

Baby's First April Fool

Last night, I got home during the hustle and flow of getting the boys ready for bed. When I entered the house, the usual battle of can I play with the iPad was getting heated.

But the boys’ attention suddenly focused on me. Laser sharp. Which was very rare given the choice to look at iPads.

“Dad! Dad! We have something to show you!” Luca screamed.

“No! I’m going to show him!” Elijah howled.

“Come with us! Let me show you!” A mess of arms and legs and PJs said.

I hadn’t gotten my jacket off before they were dragging me across the house.

“Jeeze, what is it?” I said kicking off my shoes.

“We made brownies!” Luca shouted.

I couldn’t quite figure out what the big deal was. They made cookies and brownies with their babysitter all the time. And Eli hates chocolate, so calm the frick and frack down.

But they shoved me into the kitchen where they fought over the oven. I want to show him! I want to show him. They thrust open the oven and I began to warn them about touching whatever was in there.

Eli screamed at Luca and they tossed a covered cake pan onto the counter. I immediately admonished them for: A) Fighting. B) Messing with the oven. C) Keeping me from the delicious brownies.

I shoved them aside and lifted the tin foil off the pan.

Inside was hand cut paper E’s. They were brown.

“Get it? Get it? Brown E’s! We made E’s! And they’re brown! For April Fools Day! To fool you!”

I let out a booming laugh. They had, in fact, gotten me. But what I loved even more was their commitment to the bit and their ever explanation of said bit.

I told them they were the greatest pranksters in the world.

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