Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truth or Dare

Friday night I came home, bid goodbye to Hannah and was immediately cornered by Elijah.

“Dad.  Have you ever heard of this game, ‘Truth or Dare?’ Can we play it now?” 

“What is it!!!!!!?  What is the Dare or Dare game!!!!!?” Luca shouted.

Elijah explained it and I was immediately worried about what was going on with the girls next door when I’m not around. 

I agreed to play and went first.  I chose Dare.

Elijah laughed.  “Okay.  You have to pull down your pants and underpants and show us your front privates.”

“Whoa whoa whoa! This escalated quickly.  Who have you been playing Truth or Dare with?”

I explained that maybe we needed to start our a little more slowly.  I suggested Luca go.  He chose Truth.  Elijah asked him to look deep into his soul and tell us which vegetable he hated the most.

“All of them.”

Eli’s turn.  He chose Dare. 

Yes, I’ll admit I got caught up in the excitement.  I’d like to officially apologize to my neighbor Paul for having to witness Elijah’s butt cheeks pressed up against our dining room window. 

This went on for a bit but I basically ruined the game by refusing to show my front privates to the boys or my neighbor Paul.

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