Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sleep Watching

Diana’s favorite state of being is sleep.  If it weren’t for that whole needing to care for the needs of two small children thing she would do it all the time.  When she gets that precious few minutes of sleep in the morning while I’m watching the boys, she fiercely clutches a pillow over her head in an homage to the climax of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Next.”

I, on the other hand, have less use for sleep.  Particularly in my old age.  And in my current career, I can expect to be awoken by panicky thoughts every night at precisely 3am. 

In these late night hours, I used to bother Grover.  But I’m finding he has less and less patience for me spooning him on our bedroom floor.  If he catches a whiff of me creeping towards him he’ll bound down the stairs.

So I’ve been turning my attention to Luca.  I will sneak into his bed lay down next to him and just watch.  He, like his mother, sleeps with gusto.  And man does that kid sleep deep.  Nothing can seem to wake this kid up.  How do I know?  Because I try.

Yeah, over the weeks, I’ve been less content to simply watch him sleep.  I’ve been getting bored.  So I kind of, you know, mess with him.  I’ll stroke his hair.  I’ll give him smoochies.  I’ll move him into various Karate positions.  And aside from the occasional cry out in fear that someone is attacking him in his sleep, he never seems to notice.

Here’s a neat thing, though.  Last Friday, I got a buzz haircut in an attempt to draw attention away from the dark blue circles under my eyes.  Later that night I crawled into bed with Luca and commenced messing with him.

At one point he reached out his hands and put them on my head.  Then, still asleep mind you, he began rubbing my Brillo Pad head vigorously.  I can’t imagine what he was dreaming about.  Well, probably Brillo Pads. 

My stress level has lowered a bit over the last couple days, so I have been sleeping through the night.  But based on the number of meetings I have coming up, I think Luca is going to get a bedmate real soon.

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