Monday, October 15, 2012

Pink Eye

Sorry.  This is a very short post.  But important.  Last week, Elijah contracted Pink Eye.  His eye was dis…gust…ing.  Goopy.  Oozy.  Red.  Gross.  I came to find out that Pink Eye is not, in fact, caused my not washing your hands after you poop.  But I still told Eli he got it because he was unclean.

In a completely un-Eli way, he was completely cool with it.  No dramatic outbursts or Scarlett O’Hara style fainting.  He just calmly rubbed his gooby eye over and over.  I think part of why he was happy was the fact that he got out of school for three days of glorious TV viewing.

Why is this important?  For this Luca story:

On Friday, Diana dropped Luca off at pre-school.  Luca, as we know, hates pre school.  Because there are no Dianas there.  As Diana shoved him into the classroom, Luca said, “I can’t go to school, mommy.  I’m sick.  I have blue eye.”

Blue eye.

I love him so, so much.

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