Monday, July 2, 2012


You can safely assume every HamannEggs post over the next three months will take place at the Skokie community pool. And will involve the giant red bucket.  And at one point will involve someone (Luca) dropping a Baby Ruth into the kiddie pool.

Today’s entry in the Red Bucket Chronicles?  Lightening. 

The Mercury hit 100 the other day, which is the perfect time to visit the Skokie pool.  This feeling was shared by every other person within a hundred miles of Chicagoland.  I was not prepared for the sheer volume of flesh.  While we walked to the kiddie pool, I felt like I was dragging y sons through a bowl of bacon.  Eli and I immediately stood under the giant red bucket to cool off and wash off the ick.  Luca watched from a safe distance.

We frolicked.  We splashed. We tried not to think of the germs.  Towards the west, I could see some nasty clouds racing our way.  It was getting close to dinnertime, so I was fine with the rain dictating our exit.

Suddenly, the P.A. crackled to life.  “Lightening has been sighted.  The Skokie pool is now closed.  Leave the pool area immediately.  Skokie pool does not give refunds.” 

I shouted at Elijah and Luca to get out of the pool now now now.  I may have laid the urgency on a little thick, but I thought better safe than sorry.

Eli demanded to know what the voice was talking about and why we had to leave.  While I rapidly shoved towels and sunscreen into a bag, I explained that it was going to storm soon and if the water got hit by lightening, everyone in the pool would get electrocuted.

Eli suddenly began shouting at everyone to get out of the pool.  “Get out of the pool!  You’re going to get shocked!  Get out!  Get out!”

He continued his warnings to the pool goers as we exited.  He stopped in front of a fat, hairy man smoking a cigarette and shouted, “If you get electrocuted, we’ll be able to see your bones!”  The man nodded and took another drag.

While we walked through the parking lot, we passed by four teenagers who were busily climbing the fence to illegally sneak into the pool.  Eli stood under them and shouted, “No!  You don’t want to go in there!  You’ll get shocked!”

The teens looked at their hands, thinking Eli was warning them they were climbing an electric fence.  But kept climbing.  Luca joined Eli in shouting, “Get down!” at the kids.

I hurried them to the car and we drove home through the downpour.

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