Monday, July 9, 2012

Dream Fuel

I’m just going to hit this jinx head on and say Luca is over his terrible twos.  The siege of screaming lifted, revealing a lovely, lovely boy in its wake. 

Oh, sure he isn’t 100% yet.  For example, yesterday he told me he loved me and when I returned the favor, he screamed, “No!  Dada!  I love YOU!”  I said yeah, and I love you too.  He grabbed my face and looked into my eyes and screamed, “NO!  I love YOUUUUUUUU!”  Sheesh.

Aside from the occasional love scream, he’s just been awesome.  He even allows Elijah to hug him.  Although it usually lasts a few fleeting seconds before hug gives way to wrestle, which gives way to face pounding.

Saturday night, after a particularly lovely evening of non screaming, I snuck into the boys’ room and adjusted Eli’s blanket and tried in vain to smooth out his rat’s nest of hair.

I then bent down to Luca and pulled up his blanket.  He reached out and grabbed my arm and squeezed.  I almost vomited from love.  I bent down and whispered in his ear, “Daddy loves you.”

He grabbed my arm again.

I then whispered, “Mommy loves you.”  He squeezed my arm and smiled.  His little eyelids flickered and I wondered if he was dreaming of his mom.

I said, “Fireman Sam.”  His eyes moved again and he grabbed my arm harder.  I thought I’d give his subconscious a bit more material, so I said, “Fireman Sam fights the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers along side Star Wars guys.  But Grover beats them all with his poops.”

Luca turned over and sighed.  I was satisfied I started him off on a magical mystery dream adventure that would blow his little two year old mind.

Sunday morning, we were walking to the park and I told Diana about my dream fuel.  She asked Luca if he had awesome dreams last night.

He said, “No.  I was scared.  I had a nightmare.  About Daddy.”

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