Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Good One

I’ve been guilty of “Beatle-fying” my boys. Trying to reduce them down to their most Beatle-esc descriptors. You know, The Cute One, The Funny One, The One With The Raging Heroin Addiction, etc.

I’ve reduced Elijah and Luca to The Dramatic One and The Good One. Aside from the almost biblical laziness this represents in my parenting, it’s also not really accurate. Well, half not accurate. Eli is currently staging his latest one act play, “I want to only sit in front of TV or computer screens,” on the kitchen floor.

But Luca? He is going to great lengths to shed his “The Good One” stereotype.

He takes great pleasure in slapping me in the face. Hard. I’ll be holding him and, BAM, right in the kisser. Oh, does he laugh at this. Right after he marvels at the red replica of his hand on my cheek.

Luca has also loves to chuck his food. When he is finished with his bottle, he snatches it from my hands and tosses across his bedroom. I can’t blame him, there’s something cathartic about giving a bottle a good toss (see my post from week 1 of Elijah’s life). There is also no end to the amount of food he will chuck from his high chair.

Grover loves this. He is currently trying to extract a piece of banana lodged in the fur between his shoulder blades. This will be a delightful way he’ll spend his afternoon.

And for some reason, having his diaper changed is cause for some epic, epic tantrums. I’m not sure what his deal is. He gets a clean diaper. He gets to viciously grab his genitals, he gets to say the word “diaper,” which he pronounces “pieder.” But for some reason he shrieks and writhes like someone is viciously grabbing his genitals.

So I was beginning to question my Good One stereotype.

But then he started with the smooching. Luca smooches now. Not exactly with his lips. But if you ask him for a smooch, he will gently incline his head towards your face.

Never mind. He’s The Good One.

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