Thursday, April 8, 2010


The other night, I was deeply engaged in my post family sleep activity. Namely, making out with Grover while watching satirical news programs. Diana walked halfway down our stairs and motioned for me to follow.

This usually means a major fecal explosion that needed both of our attention. I told Grover not to move from his belly-scratch position and reluctantly followed.

Diana silently motioned me to our bedroom. She pointed to Luca in his crib. He was sleeping like an angel. His little arms were spread out wide to hug the world and he had the tiniest smile on his face.

I whispered, “What? He looks perfect.”

Diana then silently motioned for me to follow her into Elijah’s room and she opened the door.

Eli was completely off his bed, laying face down on his carpet. With his crazy hair and contorted body position, I was struck by the word “wino-esque.” I was also tempted to trace him with a white chalk outline.

Now, I try try try not to compare my two sons. They are their own people. But as I attempted to roll Elijah back into his bed I couldn’t help but marvel at how their sleeping positions sum up the boys perfectly.

The next morning, Diana asked Eli why he prefers to sleep looking like a person who had just been administered the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

He said, “It’s comfortable.”

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so maybe I’ll try it the Eli way tonight. I’ll have to go buy a bottle of Night Train on my way home.

p.s. Diana just left a comment. Elijah's actual reply when asked why he sleeps on the floor was, "Because it's comf-ty." Which is way funnier.


Diana said...

He actually said, "Because it's comf-ty."

Diana said...
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