Saturday, March 15, 2008

When In Doubt, Honk

I’ve talked about the nose honk, right? If you’re new to the blog (Craig Likhite), you may not know every tiny detail about Elijah, so allow me to explain the honk.

Diana, to prove to me and everyone else that Eli is a brilliant baby, taught Eli this little trick: When she says, “Where’s mommy’s nose?” he, well, honks her nose. Or if she says, “Where’s daddy’s nose?” he honks my nose.

Come on. You gotta admit that’s pretty nifty for a kid who just eleven months ago didn’t know his nose from his umbilical chord.

But…here’s the thing. Of late, that seems to be his answer to every question. Eli, where’s mommy’s nose? Honk. Where’s mommy’s ear? Honk. Where’s Grover? Honk. Are you hungry? Honk. Do you have a wet diaper? Honk. What’s the capital of Venezuela? Honk. What’s the square root of 13.4? Honk. Can I give you $100 if you don’t honk my nose? Honk. Will you please stop honking? Honk.

I have a massive assignment for sportscars due on Monday. When my client asks me where their groundbreaking ideas are?


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Anonymous said...

Why not spell out "H-O-N-K", have Eli repeat and go on tour?