Monday, March 17, 2008

Recipe For Disaster

Yesterday was cousin Finn’s big three birthday bash. Which meant family from the four corners of the HamannEggs universe converged on Merle’s BBQ restaurant. But as the time for ribs and Pixar related toys neared, I began to sweat. Vegas odds makers were predicting a major freak out from Elijah. Here’s what was stacked against us:

*Eli missed his nap.
*The party was smack dab in the middle of his witching hour.
*The party would be filled with tons of people who want to manhandle him.
*Diana’s Eli fit fighting magic was hampered by a massive flu bug.

We arrived at Merle’s and I started chanting, “If you’re calm, the baby’s calm, if you’re calm, the baby’s calm, if you’re calm the baby’s calm...”

But, aside from one minor skirmish at the very beginning, Eli was fantastic. He was held by Great Grandma June, my Mom, my Dad, my stepdad Mike, my stepmom Connie, Steve, Pam, Tom, Judy, Patrick, Leah, some weird kid I’ve never met before, Finn and practically everyone in downtown Evanston with the exception of that weird guy who stands in front of the gym and talks to the army doll.

He laughed, crawled, acted cute and ate macaroni and cheese off the floor. My blood pressure plummeted.

On a side note, based on the awesome toys Finn received, I cannot not wait until Eli turns 3.

On another side note, my Grandma June, Eli’s Great Grandma, made a point of buying Eli a Matchbox car. But before she could hand it to Eli, Finn ran over and said, “Oh cool…car” and snatched it. The hilariousness combined with the fact that Eli doesn’t know what a car is made the larceny just plain cute.

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The Baby's Daddy said...

Ha Ha! Your kid likes Cheerios!