Sunday, March 23, 2008

Naked Crazies

Getting your child to sleep on a regular basis is all about routine. 6pm: Snack. 6:30pm: bath. 7PM Naked Crazies. 7:15pm bottle. 7:30pm bed.

Easy as pie.

What’s that? Huh? You don’t know what Naked Crazies is? Come on, man. Get with the times. Actually, I had only heard rumors of Naked Crazies for weeks before seeing it with my own eyes.

Here’s how it goes. After Elijah takes his bath and gets semi clean, Diana will take him upstairs and place him on the bed, nude as the day he was born. And apply lotion to his scaly body. I don’t know if it’s the lotion, or if it’s the fact that he’s nude, or the fact that he’s a half hour from bed but he turns into a lunatic. In a good way, not in the “I’m teething and can’t be held by anyone but Diana” way.

He rolls around on the bed, howling with laughter. And if catches a view of himself in the mirror? His little gut busts. This of course makes Grover go cuckoo too and he jumps on the bed. Naked. And rolls around too.

Yesterday I tried it out myself. I got out of the family bath, jumped on the bed and rolled around with Eli. Um, it was ok. Every time I caught a view of myself in the mirror I cried. And Grover kept trying to jump out the window.

p.s. This is a photo of Eli in his fancy UV protection swim suit. I hope he doesn’t get beat up by other one year olds in Mexico.

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