Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blair Witch

I’m in Prague making some advertising magic and enjoying that brief block of time before Diana becomes completely fed up with my abandoning her for exotic hot wine street vendors.

I couple nights ago I was treated to a video chat via “Face Time” on my phone.  I’m 99.9% sure Elijah was the one who initiated the call because he is way smarter on the iphone than Diana and I will ever be.  I’m also sure he set up the call while simultaneously playing three games and doing a little online banking.

Anyway, I picked up the phone and was delighted to see the screen fill with Luca’s face.  In all his 80 year old man in a 4 year old’s body glory, he screamed into the phone to compensate for the distance between us.  He also made the creative choice to do the “Shaky Cam” treatment made popular in “The Blair Witch” movie.  It was a little stomach churning, but I was still excited to talk to the family.  Well, mostly Luca.  Because of the screaming.

I got a very detailed account of his new Sky Landers’ pajamas and the characters on the Sky Lander’s pajamas and how soft the Sky Lander’s pajamas are.  It was mostly just a Sky Lander’s pajama discussion.

I asked Luca put Eli on and he answered “good” to every question I pitched.  Including how his Sky Lander’s pjs were.

After asking if he could go play on the computer, I had him put Diana on.  I wanted as much time as Face Timely possible with her.  I missed her.  I wanted to hear all the details of the store, how her current cold was progressing, what the latest house related purchases were, what was happening on Top Chef…

But before she could get a word out, Eli fell off the computer chair and screamed bloody murder.  As she bent to pick him up I got Blair Witch Project shaky bits and pieces of the crime scene.  He was sprawled out on the floor clutching his leg in agony.

Diana had to let me go.  We’d have to Face Time another time.  So it was back to hot wine for me.

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