Monday, January 27, 2014

Bears Hat

Right before I left town, I bought a Bears stocking cap so the people of Prague would fear me.  When I brought it home, the boys went bonkers for it.  Which is odd given their active ignoring of all things sportive.  They wanted to know where it was at all times.  They stole it and fought over it and took turns wearing it. 

Like all things non Xbox-related, Elijah lost interest in the hat after a few minutes.  But Luca insisted on wearing it the rest of the night.  He was so adorable that I took a video of him pretending to be a Chicago Bear.

Now, I could say that I don’t post videos on HamannEggs because I like the purity of the written word and I am eventually turning these into hardbound books for the boys.  But the real reason is I don’t know how to post videos on the blog.

So I’ll just have to describe it to you. 

We open on a very cute boy in a Chicago Bears hat and batman pajamas.  He is adorable.  Off screen, we hear his dad say in an unintentionally Muppet voice, “Hey everybody!  We are talking to a real, live Chicago Bear. What's your name?”

The boy makes an adorable face and says, “Luca!”

The Muppet Dad says, “What position on the Bears do you play?”

The boy leaves the screen and says, “Dad, what positions is this in there?”

Muppet Dad whispers, “You’re the quarterback.”

The boy whispers, “Quarterback,” and then shouts, “Quarterback!”

Muppet Dad and boy say “Quarterback” back and forth a few times and then Muppet Dad asks, “What team are you on?”

The boy shouts, “The Bear team!”

Muppet Dad asks, “Aaaaaannd who do you play against?”

The boy whispers off camera, “Dad, who do they play against?”

Muppet Dad whispers, “The Packers.”

The boy shouts to camera, “The Backers!”

Muppet Dad asks, “Do you like The Packers or hate The Packers?”

The boy shouts, “Hate the Backers! Because I love the Bears!”

Muppet Dad says, “Alright.  Anything else you want to say to America?”

The boy crawls on Diana’s nice orange chair and says, “Yeah!  I like The Bears.  And in the…speaking frankly, I can chop a whole Bear open.  And speaking frankly, I can put one in the fire and make it bleed.  And make Spiderman eat one.”

Muppet Dad tries to end the video as quickly as possible by saying, “Alright.  Say, ‘Bye bye Bears!’”

“Bye bye Bears!”

Muppet Dad says, “I love you.”

“I love you,” the boys says.

I miss that little guy.

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