Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rotten Egg

Elijah and Luca love each other.  Let’s get that out of the way.  They really, really love each other and it melts my head that they are such great friends.

And they they are archenemies.  Their only goal in life is to destroy one another.

I think it came down to whoever invented the phrase, “Last one ___ is a rotten egg!”  I imagine it was Diana in a bid to get them to please put their pj’s on.  But now all they care about is not being a rotten egg.  Their entire reason for being is to not be sulfurous and icky.

Run up the stairs?  Eat your soup?  Walk down the street?  Get your shirt on?  Better hurry up or you’ll be a rotten egg, my friend. 

I particularly like how they will declare it is a rotten egg race three quarters of the way to whatever goal is set in front of them.  They’ll be an inch away from a tree and say, “Last one to the tree is a rotten egg!”  Touch.  Last one to ascend this last rung to the top bunk is a rotten egg.

Last Saturday, Luca had an inspired rotten egg challenge.  “Last one to say ‘Fart’ is a rotten egg!”  Now, as you recall, the F Word is a felony in our house.  You say that word and you go sit on the steps. 

Both boys stared at each other.  What was more important?  Rotten-ness?  Or punishment?  Who dares say fart?

Well, truth me told they both caved at the same time and spoke the unspeakable.  They also both immediately said, “Ooooooh!  You said the F Word!”

I informed them that I was not punishing anyone and their cuteness outweighed my hatred of semi obscene language.

Which lead to a furious Fart cavalcade.  

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