Friday, June 14, 2013

Hot For Teacher

A few months ago, I went to the Apple store to cash in a gift card.  I fully intended to use it to purchase an ipad for the family because Luca’s use of our Kindle on the toilet had, in my opinion, rendered it radioactive. 

But I found myself standing in front of the speakers.  A blue shirted Apple hipster was describing the merits of the most expensive one on the shelf.  Any self-respecting audiophile would accept nothing less.  No wanting to seem uncool or seem like I didn’t know what “audiophile” meant, I blurted out, “I’ll take it.”

In the end, the overpriced back monolith currently located in our kitchen is pretty awesome.  And it’s kept Elijah and Luca’s love of rock alive and well.  Particularly now that we’re able to rattle the wine glasses in our cabinets.

I’ve had to re-think the musical choices to keep up with their love, nay, need to rock.  I tossed my John Denver’s greatest hits into the virtual waste basket and loaded up my ipod with Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Metallica.  Oh, and we are definitely getting the Led out.

However, the artist the boys (and most fraternity members circa 1985) hold up as the greatest band of all time? Van Halen.  Guitar virtuoso and iconic shredder Eddie Van Halen. Pure sex stuffed in spandex David Lee Roth.  And the other two.

The minute the double drum kits erupt in the song “Hot For Teacher” Eli and Luca go absolutely nuts.  They aren’t really sure what “Hot For Teacher” means, despite the fact that I scream the lyrics into their faces as I play air guitar.

As I’ve said before, Grover the dog gets really agitated when we have our impromptu mosh puts in the kitchen.  Add to that now a near blood letting level of volume and things get a little dangerous.  For me.  He got so whipped up that he grabbed my shirt in his teeth and almost tore the sleeve off.  Which made my shirt rock even harder.     

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