Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother’s Day 2013

We no longer give the gift of kid free days for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.  With our schedules what they are (crappy) and time what it is (scarce), we decided to spend yesterday together.

But, like last year, I left the Mother’s Day gift up to Elijah and Luca.  On Saturday, I put it to them.  We could go to any store and buy whatever they wanted.  Remember the Terminator sunglasses and Mumu from last year?  That’s what I secretly hoped they’d go for.  Something hilariously kid like.

But then they go and suggest something really smart.  A Wonder Woman t-shirt. 

“Because Wonder Woman’s name is ‘Diana’ like mommy,” Luca said.

“And because she is wonderful,” Eli added.

“You’re 3 and 6 still, right?”

We drove across town to the comic book store and I realized there was even more smarts to their request.  Because while I was trying to figure out what size shirt to buy from the illogical sizing of the women’s section they b-lined to the PEZ display.  PEZ was their secret goal all along.

Come Sunday, Diana happily woke up several hours earlier than she wanted and witnessed a near fist fight over who would be able to sit on her lap and give her their present. 

She feigned surprise at the gift (I gave her a heads up the night before so she could prepare herself mentally) and even dug up a gold bracelet to complete the outfit.

We spent the day at the nature museum and got the boys haircuts and eventually I made a poached salmon for dinner.  While we ate, I asked the boys to give me one reason why they loved their mom.

Elijah said, “Everything.”

Luca said, “Because she is the best mom in the world.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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