Thursday, May 23, 2013

Luca Love

The other night, Diana and I finished watching “Game Of Thrones” and were deep into our regular debate on if it’s appropriate to quote “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” during the show. 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shock of brown hair on our stairs.  Luca!  He tried to dart out of sight, but he was busted.  I climbed the stairs and slumped down next to him.  It was way, way past his bedtime. 

So I said, “It’s way, way past your bedtime.”

“I’m not sleepy.”

“Well, what if I lie down next to you and tell you all the stuff I like about you.  Will you go to sleep?”

Of course he took me up on it.  I covered him up with his little blanket and fluffed his pillow.  I then tried to create a makeshift pillow out of his stuffed animals and got started with the basics.

“I like your brown hair.  I like your blue eyes.  I like your little butt.  I like your Hamann feet.”

I moved onto humor. “I like that you are really funny.  I like that you can make funny voices and I like that you can toot on cue.”

I then went into likeability.  “I like that you are a nice guy.  I like that you are friendly.  I like that you are nice to people you don’t know. I like that you are nice to Grover.”

I then went into potpourri. “I like that you like superheroes.  I like that you like fire trucks.  I like that you can’t stand water in your eyes.  I like that you never sleep.  I like that you love Skittles.  I like that you need a Kindle to poop.  I like that you like playing in the mud.  But mostly I just love you.”

I leaned over to see if he was asleep.  He was almost gone.  Before he closed his eyes he said, “Eve was behind me at school and she said ‘Luca’ but I didn’t hear her and then she said ‘Luca’ really loud and then I heard her.”

I took that as an “I love you too.”

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