Monday, June 4, 2012

Sleeping Giant

Last night, the boys and I played our 1,000th game of “Sleeping Giant.”  As I walked to work this morning, I wondered why I hadn’t ever posted about “Sleeping Giant,” or it’s alternate name, “Tickle Giant.”

Just before I started typing this post, I did a search and yes, I did in fact do a post about “Tickle Giant” in 2009.  If you’d like to see the original, go here.

But if you aren’t into that whole linking to past posts thing, Sleeping (Tickle) Giant goes like this.  I lay on my back, giant like, and pretend to sleep.  Elijah and Luca then sneak up on me and poke my nose.  That wakes up the Giant (me) and I grab the nearest child and tickle them until one of three things happens:

1.     They poke my nose again, causing me to fall asleep again.
2.     One of them urinates.
3.     One of them cries.

When I’m lying on my back, pretending to sleep, I get to peek into Eli and Luca’s relationship. 

Waking up the giant is the bravest thing they can think of.  They dare each other, threaten each other, bribe each other and trick each other into touching my nose.  For some reason, they think touching my nose with an object is safer than with their hands, so my nose has been tapped with:

Milk bottles
Stuffed animals
Grover tails

I quickly had to set a few rules.  Throwing a fire truck at my face ends the game.  Same goes for diapers. 

Inevitably, Elijah will whisper/shout into my ear, “Daddy, I think we should go tickle Mommy.”  At which point we attack Diana, which makes her half happy, half angry.  But mostly angry.

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