Sunday, June 3, 2012

Changing Table

I’ll admit I’ve had a bit of HamannEggs writer’s block over the last week.  My intense, intense workload has kept me away from my subjects.  And my iphone list of blog ideas ran out a while ago.

When I got home from work yesterday (don’t look at what day it was, it will just make you sad), I found myself trying to get the boys to do something blog worthy.

“Hey, Eli.  Don’t you want to play in the street?”

“No.  But can we play that game where we sit on the porch and you quiz me about Star Wars stuff?”

“That is not blog worthy.   But, yes.”

This morning I started to panic.  It had been almost a week since I had anything on the blog and my sons were just sitting there watching old reruns of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”

I took it on myself to force a blog post.  And this, my dear readers, is the honest truth.

I climbed on top of the boy’s changing table and began shouting, “Look at me!  I’m a baby!  Guys!  Check it out!  I’m on your changing table!  Being a baby!  What do you think?  Guys?  Guys?”

Oh, and I wasn’t wearing clothes.  I was not drunk, in case you are wondering.

Elijah and Luca sat on Eli’s bed, contemplating me.  The expression on their faces is what I assume they will have when I embarrass them at their weddings. That mixture of pity and disgust. 

Eli, ever the pleaser, ventured, “Ha ha daddy.  What you’re doing is funny.”

Luca, simply walked out of the room in disgust. 

Whelp, for all our sakes, I hope I stop being so busy so we can get back to real posts.

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