Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been busy for the last 20 years or so. Which means I haven’t been up to date on the blog. To make matters worse for my loyal readers, I’m heading to London for a week.

Hey Diana. Um, why don’t you look at Facebook for a few minutes?

Is she gone? Good. I gotta be honest. I’m kind of glad to be going away for a week. Because Luca is in full on terrible twos right now. Acul, his evil doppelganger, has taken over his body and the three amateur exorcisms we’ve performed haven’t worked. Using a “Wine Spectator” magazine instead of a bible probably wasn’t a good idea.

He’s just so…angry. There is no making him happy. His baba is both too hot and too cold. His pajamas are the wrong kind of fire truck. Every night when we put him to bed we shut his door and hide under our covers until he rages himself to exhaustion.

Elijah, on the other hand, sees the opportunity in this and is acting like the best child to walk the earth. When Luca, I mean Acul, is particularly feisty, Eli will take the time to compliment your shirt. Or give you a random hug and a kiss.

Which is followed immediately by the five most common words in his language:

Can. I. Play. Video. Games.

More on that later.

I’ll try to post a few times while I’m gone, but you’ll have to translate them from Cockney into English. But if you’re looking for a Luca fix, simply poke the nearest bear.

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