Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Pee Pee

I did it! I finally saw a first! Luca’s first pee pee in the potty! I’m the greatest dad in the world!

Last night, I was in charge of getting the kids put to bed while Diana took an online wine course. I assume it involved sitting in front of Facebook and pounding half a bottle of Cabernet.

After the third reading of “Knuffle Bunny,” (Luca is one of those kids who inexplicably love to read the same book over and over) I declared it time for bed. Luca did not share my desire for him to go to bed, so he scrambled to find an excuse, any excuse to stay up.

“One more bookey! Knuffle Bunny!”

“Ah, no. It’s nigh nigh time, pal.”

Luca scanned the room for something else. “Ba ba!”

“Nice try. You drank your bottle.”

Then the little light went off in his head. “Pee pee on the potty!”

Ahh, checkmate. He’d actually done this several nights in a row. He goes into our bathroom, sits on the little plastic toilet in the corner with an awesome grin on his face and then leaps up after not actually doing anything. It’s just a brilliant way to stay up for five more minutes.

So, of course, I carried him into the bathroom and sat him down. He stared at each other, knowing full well this was another put on. But then…

PEE! Glorious pee. The first pee. Pee numero uno! I got to see it! I wasn’t in a meeting or on an airplane or typing something. I was there. I was there. The cat wasn’t in the cradle. For once!

I think it surprised him more than it did me. He looked down with genuine surprise. I grabbed him and made a huge, huge deal about it. Twirling him and shouting. Elijah, who enjoys pandemonium off all kinds, ran into the room and began screaming.

After the crazy died down and after Luca went to bed, Diana came down from her computer. I was disappointed she wasn’t drunk. But I told her the great news: first pee pee on the potty.

She burst into tears.

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