Friday, January 14, 2011


I don’t know if I’ve really addressed the fact that Luca walks now. Not kind of walks or sometimes walks. He’s a full time walker now.

And, I know my profession is a “writer,” (those quotation marks should be way bigger) but words cannot describe how cute it is to see him toddle around. But here goes.

Imagine, if you will, the cutest thing you can think of. Like a rainbow. Now, add to that the next cutest thing you can think of. Like a unicorn eating a pink ice cream cone. Better add in that Youtube video of the sneezing panda. And thirty or so Care bear dolls from the 1980’s. And a Smurf.

Now, cram all of those cute images together and mould them, Play Dough-style, into the shape of a one-year-old baby. Then, have your rainbow/unicorn/panda/Care Bear/Smurf walk across the room saying, “Mom-mie…Mom-mie” in a voice so beautiful, only angels can hear it.

Then have your cute creation smash into you and bite your legs.

That’s about 1/1,000th how cute Luca is when he walks.

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