Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eli Vs. Sweet Potatoes

irst, a Luca update. He’s awesome. He’s so mellow and sleepy, the other night at 4am I actually Googled “Can a baby sleep too much?” The answer is no. So we’re going to let him sleep until he decides to hate us. Eighteen years seems about right.

One of the greatest things about having a baby is the food. I don’t know who created the tradition of bringing food over to new parents, but our friends and family won’t be satisfied until Diana and I are 300 pounds.

Wednesday night, out of the blue, our super nice neighbor across the street who we have said fourteen words to in our 3 years at the house, showed up with a full meal. She offered to watch Luca while we ate, but we refused. Not out of politeness. We were afraid of what she brought. Was it Hamster Thermidor? Was it Toe Nails Three Ways? So after some Luca holding (he didn’t make a peep), she scooted out the door and we nervously peered under the aluminum foil.

Chicken and stuffing and mashed sweet potatoes. And to top it off, chocolate chip cupcakes. Awesome. We wolfed it down like savages. After we stopped panting, we noticed Elijah hadn’t touched his meal. Since he hadn’t also taken a nap, we knew we were in for trouble.

“I want a cupcake.”

Hmm. Interesting. Eli hates sweets. And we told him so. “You hate sweets.”

“I want a cupcake.”

The light bulb went off. It was time to introduce him to the concept of food compromise. Parents and kids have been trading bites for sweets since the introduction of Hamster Thermidor.

“Eat a bite of sweet potato and you can have a cupcake.”

Thus began a ridiculous fight that lasted waaaay longer than necessary. Eli shouted “No! I want a cupcake” about a thousand times. We chased him around with a plastic spoon filled with coagulated sweet potato repeating, “Just one bite…just one bite..then cupcake.”

Remember, Eli hates sweets. So if we had “won,” and he had indeed eaten the spoonful of sweet potato, he would’ve barfed from the cupcake.

So Eli ended up in hysterics and going to bed without a real dinner, and the last thing he said was, “I want to eat sweet potato.”

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