Saturday, December 5, 2009

Belly Button 2

This morning, we realized Luca’s little belly button thing fell off.

Whereas with boy #1, we would’ve taken pictures of the brown chunk and bronzed the brown chunk and written a folk song about the brown chunk. Instead, we just chucked brown chunk #2 into the trash.

Baby 2 Syndrome.

I’m going to fight baby 2 Syndrome and attempt to obsess over the tiny details as much as possible like I did with a certain future neurotic. But it’s hard. I’m sure Columbus had a hard time getting excited about the new world on trip #2.

“Ohh, spices and indigenous people I can exploit. Whoopee.”

But Luca is his own man. That ear hair thing, for example. And, I am noticing he is starting to lose that black hair of his. So instead of looking like George Bush, like Elijah, he’s starting to look a lot like character actor, Stanley Tucci.

He also is much better on the whole breast feeding front. Eli never really got the hang of it. To which my dad said, “He must be a leg man.” But Luca can’t go fifteen minutes without requesting his favorite place on earth, the circular breast feeding pillow with the greatest product name in the world, “The Breast Friend.” Elijah refers to it as the tutu and wears it for he four minutes per day Diana doesn’t have it on.

We’ve had to enact a Rick friend ban on the house because it constantly looks like a 14-year old’s dream come true in our living room with all the exposed Diana parts.

Also, Luca’s either a lot more mellow or we are. It’s partly because we don’t treat him like he was made out of snowflakes like we did with Eli.

But he hasn’t officially woken up yet, so I’m still holding out hope for a bottle tossed across the kitchen episode again.

But I did manage to shout at Elijah in Target this morning, “Eli! Stop screaming! Daddy has to talk on the phone to uncle Steve about Star Wars!”

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