Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Elijah figured out a long time ago that when he gets a boo boo, his mom and dad will come running and kiss him. So we’ve entered a stage of “The Phantom Boo Boo.” He’ll call from the other room, “Ow! Ow! Mommy!” And when you run into the room he sheepishly says, “I got an owie on my finger.” Upon examination of the finger, at most you’ll find a slight discoloration.

Well, Eli has gotten tired of our less than enthusiastic responses to his Phantom Boo Boos. So he recently decided to enlist the help of the Evanston Fire Department. When he gets a Phantom Boo Boo, he’ll shout, “Mommy! Call the Firefighters! I need a Band-Aid!”

And now Eli has expanded The Evanston Fire Department’s role.

“Mommy! I need milk! Call the Firefighters!”

“Mommy! I have a poopie diaper! Call the Firefighters!”

“Mommy! I can’t find my car! Call the Firefighters!”

Diana has taken to pretending to call the Fire Department to pass along the requests.

“Hello? Firefighters? Can you bring Eli an apple juice? And can you bring me a Chai Late?”

Eli added, “And bring me some pink ice cream.”

And before Diana pretended to hang up he added, “And bring daddy some wine!”

Now that would be tax dollars at work.

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