Friday, September 11, 2009


When I was in grade school, I was a bit of a rule follower. And by “bit of a rule follower,” I mean I was the kind of kid who would shout,”SHHHHHHHHHHH!” when kids were talking in class and used to have full blown vomiting panic attacks at the prospect of visiting the principle’s office. So in other words, I was a complete lame-o.

Which leads me to the other two humans in our family (Grover is on the vomity panic attacker side).

The other day at Pre-School, Diana got there a little early and peeked her head into the classroom window to see Elijah.

Now, in our pre-school orientation where we got to hear the lady who runs the school speak in a dead on Mary Poppins accent (She did not, in fact, ride in on an umbrella. Bummer), they specifically asked us not to poke our heads into the classroom window to see our children. I remember this distinctly because the thought if it makes my heart race and bile rise in my throat. The reason being it is a distraction to the kids and at this early stage they don’t want kids to freak out at seeing their moms.

But nooooooooo. Mrs. Have Parties When Her Parents Are Out Of Town In High School broke the peeking rule. Of course Eli saw her. And he raced over to the door and began pounding on it.

His really nice teachers told him it was against the rules to leave the classroom before school is over. They also instructed him to get back into his seat. So Eli sat down in front of the door and waited until school was out.

I’m having a panic attack.

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