Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Part of why I write this blog, aside from the fame and fortune, is so I’ll remember impossibly cute Elijah things. Years from now when I’m in the space old folks home I can sit down with my collection of HamannEggs books and say, “I remember books. We used to read books on pieces of paper instead of having them beamed directly into our brains. Stupid Democrats…”

Where was I? Oh, yeah memories. A couple things have fallen through the cracks over the last 16 months and I want to get them down on paper for posterity. So consider this your cute potpourri.

When Eli was very little he had this jungle mat that he laid on that played this little song. At some point in my lack of sleep I made up words to the song that went a little something like this: “Grover is a dog. A very special dog. He likes to jog, he smells like a frog, his poop comes out in a log.” That story has nothing to do with Elijah, but I know when I’m an old man I’ll want to remember those classic lyrics.

When Eli is doing his naked crazies with Diana at the end of the night (when I’m home), I’ll climb to near the top of the stairs and stick my face through the banister slots and shout, “Smoochies!” Eli will come padding over and give me a kiss through the banister. When I’m not home, Eli will stick his face through the banister and shout, “Dada? Dada?” That’s cute but also sad. It’s cad.

The other day the family was at the park and Eli and I were playing on one of those big structures with the slides and steering wheels that look like something our of Kevin Costner’s “Water World.” Eli walked over to the slide and dove towards it. I grabbed him and he cried, “Up up!” Which we all know means “down.” I called for Diana to get to the bottom of the slide before I lost my grip and he went tumbling down the baby equivalent of a two-story drop. He squirmed out of my grasp and slid down on his own shouting, “Up!” He does not get his daredevil streak from me.

Whew. I hope you enjoyed this story smorgasbord. I don’t have any new photos yet, so this is a vaguely inappropriate, but very cute photo of Eli’s butt.

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