Sunday, September 7, 2008


In his stroller somewhere between my house and Steve’s house, Elijah figured out that if he shouts “Hi” loud enough, people on the street will respond. It became a cultural experiment for both of us. How people react if a baby shouts, “Hi!”

The drunken woman stumbling outside the liquor store shouted, “HI!” back so loudly, I thought Eli was going to cry.

The cute 20 something practically dragged her boyfriend across the street to say “hi” back. Her boyfriend looked as if Eli was pointing a rifle at him.

The woman with the Obama sticker on her SUV rolled down her window and shouted, “Hey baby!” I like to think she was hitting on me. But she most definitely was not.

The dude moving stuff out of a U-Haul said “hi” to me and ignored Eli. I said, “It wasn’t me who said ‘hi,’ it was my son.” The guy couldn’t look at Eli for fear that contact with a baby would suddenly force him to be a father.

Finn, Steve’s son, said “hi” right back to Eli, who said “hi” back to him, who said “hi” back to Eli. And so on and so forth until Steve and I wished neither one of our sons learned the word in the first place.

We don’t have a lot of new photos, so please enjoy another one from our baby’s first soul patch series.

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