Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hamann Eggs Is Back On The Air!

I’m back from Germany, gang! Which means the HamannEggs hiatus is over. I’m not going to waste valuable blog space talking about my business trip. If you want details, go to my other blog: “” I missed the family desperately while I was gone, and of course, a ton happened with good old Elijah while I was across the pond. I’ll get you up to speed:

Eli now has a mustache. I don’t approve, but he says all the other 5 month olds have them.

He can bench press 350 pounds.

He learned Latin, and French. Oh, and he can write Chinese, but isn’t comfortable speaking it.

Eli built a perpetual motion machine in the Jacklichs’ back yard. But Grover knocked it over.

He had a brief role on TV’s “Desperate Housewives.” We have them on tape. I hear it’s juicy.

He single handedly brought the “Cha Cha” back into vogue.

He ate an entire Buick Skylark.

Actually, he spent a nice week at his Grandparents, where Don and Sheila doted on him helped Diana heal. She’s at about 60%, which means she can finally hug her son without puking. The Evanston crew kept our place from burning to the ground while I was gone. However, there is not an ounce of alcohol left in the house.

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