Sunday, September 16, 2007

Go Bears

While in the midst of emergency packing for my trip to Germany, I snapped a cell phone photo of Eli in his awesome Bears jersey.

Before I had a son, I believed dressing your child in sports team memorabilia was a form of abuse. I mean, how do parents know their kid actually likes Michigan, or Notre Dame or Gonzaga? But now that I am a father, I know deep in my soul that Elijah is a part of me. And that part needs the Bears to cover the spread every week.

Once on the ground in Stutgart, I realized how desperately I missed my son and I was so very thankful I had the above photograph.

I’d sit in a stuffy conference room, fighting off jet lag and listening to marketing people compete in how loudly they could talk, sometimes in German. I’d pretend to check my cell phone for messages and then flash the Eli Bears pic. It was awesome. I’d make him dance, we’d have adventures under the conference room table, I’d even let him peek at confidential documents. Occasionally, a marketing guy would break my trance by asking me something. I’d reply, “As long as it’s worthy of PORSCHE…” And I’d say “Porsche” with reverence. Everyone would nod solemnly.

On a happy note, Diana is feeling better. I think she’s up to 65%. Which is much better than last Sunday when she was -14%. I’d personally like to thank everyone who called and emailed and wrote comments on the blog.

For those who comment on the blog, I love it when I get feedback or get a note from a reader. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to reply to you personally. Because my technological ability starts and ends with snapping photos of my son on my cell phone.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I am freaking out! I had NO idea this was going on with Diana until Juliet mentioned something. I never read the blog :( sorry! and I just figured she was busy and hadn't called me in a while. I would love to call her at her parents house and check in. Can we get a number there??? Thinking about you guys!!!!

Lauren (, Andrew, Stella and Marlee

Anonymous said...

Rick & Di,

I just heard about the rough news. I have read the blog and I feel awful for what Diana is going through. We are thinking of you guys and wishing a speedy recovery. usign my powers of addition it seems she is doing 79% better. We won't stop thinking good thoughts until she's 100% better. Even then we will continue to think good thoughts.

It's great to see the pics of the lovely family. We miss you gus and hope to speak soon.

Andy & Dina (