Thursday, May 7, 2015

Baby’s First Comedy Video Shoot

If youve ever been to a dinner party with me, you know my goal of working Oh, I work at The Onion into the conversation within the first 2.5 seconds. And then I attempt to make it seem like Im connected in some way to the actual writing. Which Im not. At all.

But its still fun to even be tangentially linked to arguably the greatest comedy publication of all time.

And it even gives me the chance to whore out my sons to be in Onion Inc. videos.

A few weeks ago, our neighbor Callie got to be in an Onion video. She got the gig because our friend Marisa is the Onions casting director. Technically, she was in a video for one of our sister sites, but lets not overcomplicate things, shall we?

Almost immediately, Elijah confronted me with why he had not been cast in an Onion video. Um, because I had no idea you wanted to be in one. And Im not the casting director.

He said, Yeah, but arent you really important at The Onion?

Well, Im really just dinner party important. Not important important.

Elijah looked at me like a son who just discovered his dad was in middle management. In an effort to delay this Freudian disaster, I emailed Marisa to see if she could shove Eli into any upcoming videos.

Sure enough, a few days later I got a message from one of the Onion producers who clearly had been told some jerk from middle management wants his kid in a video, so do it. He had a part for Eli and wanted to shoot in our house.

Eli was extremely excited. As was Diana, who harbors secret desires to make Eli the next Corey Feldman.

Elis role was to be a bratty kid. I wont give away the joke because I need you to visit the site so my audience numbers stay high.  After a few takes, the director realized he had a problem: Eli is too nice. Every time he asked Eli to shout This food tastes like vomit, Eli would smile into camera. I wanted to ask Eli to channel his rage when I hold him down to clip his toenails, but theres no fighting sweetness.

In the end I think the video team got what they needed and well see the results in a few weeks.

However, a couple days ago, Eli asked, Dad, when am I going to get my money?

Apparently, Callie got a few bucks for her video and Eli wanted his dough. I told him I didnt think he gets paid for this because hes my kid and I work for The Onion.

He suggested I pay him out of my pocket then. I realized he was in this just for the money. Hes well on his way to being the next Corey Feldman.

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