Monday, February 2, 2015

My Biggest Fan

I knew Elijah and Luca were going to read the blog. I mean, that’s the point of this silly thing. But I assumed it would have gone a little like this:

1.     Eli and Luca discover the blog in their teens.
2.     They immediately hate me for it.
3.     They make me take it down.
4.     I continue the blog in secrecy.
5.     I keep the books hidden like pornography.
6.     They discover the hardbound books in an old dusty box in the basement when they’re much older.
7.     They proclaim their love for me.
8.     They construct several gilded statues of me.
9.     They forgive my typos.

However, this nine-step plan for typo forgiveness moved up by several decades. 

The other night, I had banished the boys to the back of the house to get their PJs on, knowing full well there would be at least seven more requests/threats before they actually accomplished this feat.

I heard a cackling coming from our room. A howling laughter I normally attribute to discovery of a funny looking poop. I was partly correct. I discovered him sitting naked (of course) on our bed with an old HamannEggs collection spread out in front of him.

I was struck by just how much he loved it. But then again, they are all about him. And poop. He even took to reading them to Luca, who also loves Eli and poop.

So I immediately ordered two more editions, which Eli devoured happily. So I’m going to start tailoring the blog to seven year olds and five year olds. Which I’ll accomplish by changing nothing.

p.s. Eli just started reading on top of his very tall dresser. I assume I’ll be writing about his broken arm shortly.

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