Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eli and Luca Song

I can’t remember if I told you we have a new babysitter. I did, right? Well if I didn’t her name is Schuyler and we’ve already established a similar awkward, old man/millennial woman relationship that I had with our previous sitter Hannah.

Even though it’s been months, I really know nothing about how Schuler interacts with the boys. I never see into their world, which is more than a little disconcerting.  Every time I try to sneak into the house to catch her teaching them black magic or getting them into the show “Two Broke Girls” Grover alerts them to my presence with his damned unconditional love. At most, I catch her chatting with them pleasantly. But she could be chatting pleasantly about “Two Broke Girls,” right?

Last Friday, it all changed. I sat down to a glass of wine and a baguette with Diana and she simply pressed play on her iTunes.

The recording begins with Schuyler whispering something incoherent. I assume it isn’t an episode recap of “Two Broke Girls.”

Then she begins singing, accompanied by a jaunty guitar. Her voice kinds sounds like a mixture of Nora Jones and Feist. The song goes:

“This is a song about Eli and Luca
and all of their favorite things.”

Then Luca shouts, “That’s me!”

“Things they they like ta’
Do on the weekends
And anytime in-between.

They like Legos and orange juice
watchin’ Slugterra
and hangin’ out, shootin’ the breeze.

They really like to
sing in the bathtub
and eat anything with...”

Luca adds, “Cheese!”

“They like playing with Grover
hanging with friends
and Luca loves mac and cheese.”

Luca shouts. “Cheese,” again.

“And to sing karaoke, they say ‘Okey Dokey!’
They’ll eat all your raspberries.

They’re great to hang out with
all day long.
We’re singing this song

Eli…and Luca.”

Luca ends with, “Dats me!”

Schuyler says, “Woohoo!”

Luca says, “That’s a big one.”

And then the world explodes from cuteness overload.  I think I’m up to speed on Schuyler now.

Man, I wish I could upload audio to this thing.

Wait! I can. Here it is!

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Anonymous said...

Even though I hate other peoples' kids, I like this very much.

When did babysitters get this talented?