Friday, November 14, 2014

Terror 2

The other morning, I woke up and it was freezing cold outside and there was snow on the ground. I started immediately bitching, “Stupid cold. Dumb snow. Crappy dog who needs walked…”

From behind me I heard Elijah race up to the window and press his nose against it. “Daddy! It SNOWED! Yay!”

Why was I such a grouchy old man? Because we’ve had a return of Luca’s night terrors. A few years ago, he would wake up in the middle of the night and scream bloody murder, pacing around his room like an angry old man. You couldn’t wake him up. It was kind of spooky and I was glad when it ended.

But it didn’t end.

Luca has been at the screaming again. He cries and thrashes and screams in bed, only to not remember a thing about it after he wakes up.

The real bummer is Eli. The screaming is not conducive to 7 year old sleep patterns. Eli usually blames his bed and yells sleepily, “I hate this bed! I hate it!” and then hits his pillow. So we let Eli wait out the screaming in our bed.

But there isn’t room for two adults, one giant dog and one boiling hot child in our bed. So that leaves a parent to sleep in the Screamatorium. Tuesday night, Diana yanked Eli’s mattress off the top bunk and slept semi comfortably on the floor.

Wednesday night at the scream hour, I went in and tried ineffectively to comfort Luca. Eli punched his pillow and went to our bed.

I thought, “Ooh. I’ll do the Eli mattress trick!” Problem solved.

Unfortunately, Eli had left a lake or urine in his bed. No wonder he was so excited to go to our room.

So I was left sleeping on the tiny sliver of mattress Luca’s body wasn’t thrashing. Which is why I woke up angry at any and all majesty of winter.

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