Friday, November 21, 2014


The other night, Elijah teamed up the family.

“I’m more like mommy. You are more like Luca.”

Intrigued, I asked him to explain.

“Well, you look alike and you are both…crazy and stuff.”

I’ll take it.  Luca has been on a roll lately. He’s officially out of his angry phase and is just hilarious in every way. I especially like his flat out refusal to learn anything.  Especially the alphabet.

Unlike Eli, who knew all his letters when he was three, Luca rejects any and all learning. Whenever you take a book out, he will run screaming from the room. We’ve bought alphabet books of every shape and size and the kid actively rejects them.

And it’s not because he’s dumb. The kid is super smart. I just think he wants to be different from his book-learnin’ brother. Eli is the school boy. Luca wants to be his own person. And that person will have no ability to read.

But here is the thing. Despite his desire to never know how to spell, he’s somehow managed to absorb the alphabet. And I think he is pretty pissed about it.

I sat on him the other day and forced him to review the ABCs with me. Not just whipping through the song and randomly pointing to the letters as he sang. I made him go randomly through the alphabet and tell me what was what or he wouldn’t get any xbox for the rest of the week.

I knew immediately that he, in fact, knew what every letter was. For a brief moment, he was actually excited to show me his smarts.  But then he caught himself and poo pooed the alphabet and everything it stands for.

I released him to go watch his screens, but I was very proud of my little dobbleganger.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog much this week. I just got a big fat promotion at The Onion and I’ve been doing a lot of important guy stuff. I promise to be back misspelling things next week.

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