Monday, April 7, 2014


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, gang.  I’m in that new job mode where I try to build up a lot of good will and work hard so when I slide into lazy, blog all the time mode it’s harder to notice.

But I guarantee lots of posts coming up because the family is headed on our first vacation in a year and a half!  We’re currently zooming over whatever body of land or water connects Evanston and Costa Rica.

The trip to the airport and subsequent march through to the gate revealed our personalities better than 7 years of blog posts to date.

When our cab was three minutes late, I called the taxi company to ask that they fire everyone on staff and start over when people who could be on time.  I also hip checked Diana away from the ticketing kiosk and walked through the terminal at such a clip that Luca almost became the permanent property of Aunt Annie’s Pretzles.

Luca, my son and travel soul mate, was obsessed with his backpack.  Was his blankie in there?  Yes, it was there three seconds ago, but is it there now?  Is it?  Well, there is only one way to find out.  Luca also managed to spill two, count ‘em two drinks before the plane left the jet bridge.

Elijah kept his focus on the most important person in the world: Elijah.  The family Ipad stopped being the family Ipad almost immediately.  Our airplane snacks entered his stomach before Luca could figure out his seatbelt.  Eli also informed the pilot that 4.5 hours would not work with his schedule and it would be better for all involved if we made it to the Southern Hemisphere before the movie “Frozen” was over.

Diana channeled her days following Phish.  Oh, we’re running late?  That’s, like, a bummer man.  Get pulled out of security for a special search?  Groovy.  They’re boarding the plane and I’m still twenty people back in line for coffee?  Karma will work itself out.  Oh, Luca spilled orange juice all over his seat?  We can, like, sit in another row.  Because we’re all connected in this circle of life called United Airlines.

This is going to be a lot of fun. 

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