Friday, March 28, 2014


Last post, I wrote about Elijah’s sleep over at cousin Finn’s house.  But as you know, there are two main characters in this highly fictionalized story.  What did Luca do while Eli was out of the house?

Well, I gave him unlimited options.  “We can do whatever you want.  Name it.  Anything.”

“Can we play Xbox?”

“Come on.  Aim higher.  Do you want to go out to a fancy dinner?  Do you want to go to the movies?  Do you want to egg cousin Finn’s house?”

“I want to play Xbox.”

Sheesh.  I managed to convince him to go out to dinner at The Firehouse.  He was happy because it reminded him of a time in his life when he liked things other than Xbox.  I was happy because The Firehouse has beers on tap. 

Our conversation ran the gambit from what games Luca wanted to play on Xbox to how long he’d be able to play Xbox to where he wanted me to set up the Xbox.

I finally relented and drove Luca home to his beloved Xbox.  Luca asked me to play with him as he had gotten stuck on a particularly difficult board in the game.  For those of you who care, it was defeating Emperor Zurg. 

Working together, we actually beat that old nasty Zurg.  Well, truth be told I defeated Zurg.  Luca spent the whole time shooting me in the back, which he thought was hilarious.

But when Zurg digitally met his maker Luca reacted as though he had won the World Series.  He jumped up and down and screamed at the top of his lungs, waking up the poor newborn who lives upstairs. 

I’ll admit I got kinda caught up in the excitement as well.  I hugged Luca and told him I loved him.

At that very moment, Diana came home from work.  Luca came running up to her and screamed, “Mommy!  I beat Zurg!  I beat Zurg!”

“YOU beat Zuerg?  YOU beat Zurg?  Um…I beat Zurg,” I said a little too aggressively.

Diana merely shook her head and made her way to our wine opener.

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Dennis Ryan said...

DNA is some powerful stuff. But watch that son fragging you thing.