Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Luca Style

While I was gone, Diana took the boys to Kid Snips, the $18 haircut joint.  Yeah, $18 seems like a lot to me too, but it buys you a chance to sit in a hair covered race car or hair covered boat.  You also get to play a hair covered video game or watch a hair covered DVD.  And yes, it all comes with a hair covered sucker as a treat.

When Diana walked up to the hair covered door, she noticed a sign.  “$10 buzz cuts!”  She turned to the boys and asked if either of them wanted a buzz cut.  Elijah rolled his eyes through his surfer bangs.  But Luca immediately volunteered, not even remotely knowing what a buzz cut was.  And when he walked out a half hour later, it was as if the buzz cut was created for him and him alone.

That’s what I love about that kid.  He barrels through life his way and he doesn’t give a rat’s patootie what you think.

Shoes are another example.  He likes to wear them on the wrong feet.  Left on right, and vice versa.

I’ve spent countless seconds readjusting his footwear.  It just looks so painful.  And vaguely creepy to see him waddle down the street with his toes pointed out all wonky.

I try to point to landmarks on his shoes.  “See?  Those buttons go on the outside of your feet.  That means they are on the right foot…”  I chastise.  I cajole.  I forcibly remove and reapply shoes.

The other day, we were heading out to the park and I said, “Freeze!”  Shoes on the wrong feet, pal.” And I bent down to get down to business.

Luca balled up his fists and shook with anger.

“Dad!  Don’t!  This is my style!”  And he stomped off, wonky footed.

I decided not to worry about his footwear again until we need orthopedics to fix whatever this style is doing.

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