Monday, August 12, 2013


Okay, I think we can all agree neither Elijah nor Luca will be playing first base for The Yankees, or the Blue Sox or one of those other sports playing teams.  But they never really had a chance, did they? 

I blame myself whenever I hear about one of Elijah’s friends making fun of him for not being sportive enough.  As a defense mechanism, I tell him those friends are idiots who will be working for him one day.  Which works to make him feel better zero percent of the time.

Well, Elijah’s happiness and long-term coolness factor shot through the roof a week or so ago when his brother Luca uttered the now famous words, “I don’t want to be a fireman anymore.  I want to be a music playing guy.”

Ah ha!  My sons don’t have to play sports.  They can play music!  And as anyone who has a photograph of me from high school knows, they are genetically pre-disposed to musical ability.  Just so long as that ability involves marching band.

Like all great ideas, Diana immediately threw $200 at it.  In the form of a mini guitar for Eli and a ukulele for Luca.  Of course when we presented them with the instruments they coveted and fought for their brother’s. 

The first thing Eli did was go show the girls next door his guitar.  Exactly. 

Luca, on the other hand, carries his ukulele around constantly.  And he, unlike Elijah, plays it.  A lot.  The fact that he plays the ukulele like an upright bass makes complete sense.  He likes to play us “sad songs.”  They don’t really sound that sad.  In fact, they sound completely awesome.

I even dusted off our other family guitar and squeezed out a few chords with the boys the other day.  I attempted in vain to show Eli how to play an E-minor chord, but I realized we would need professional help because I kept breaking his fingers placing them on the strings.

So instead of sports camp, we are enrolling him in the world famous Old Town School of Folk Music.  The place Diana learned guitar and fell in love with her instructor. 

I plan on taking him just in case the instructor is still there.

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