Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

Sorry for the complete lack of posting this week.  It’s very hard to post when you are in the middle of a New Zealand mountain, filming man-eating sheep.  My communiqués with home are short.  Short and sweet, but short.

As you can guess, my heart ached at missing Halloween this year.  This was Luca’s first real trick or treating year and, to add insult to injury, he decided at the last minute to go as Spider Man.  Yes, my son has become obsessed with Spider Man in my absence.  It’s enough to make you cry.

Halloween is fast becoming Elijah least favorite holiday. 

His school had a little Halloween parade and each kid was paired with an older student, a “Big Buddy.”  Unfortunately for Eli, his buddy was dressed in a mask from the horror movie “Scream.”  It’s an elongated horror mask with a wide, terrible mouth.

Eli was petrified of it and had difficulty keeping it together, despite being dressed as the brave “Captain Rex” from Star Wars.  The Big Buddy tried to make it better by showing him how when you press a button, blood pours down his Scream mask. 

This did not make it better. 

Diana actually had to come to school and take Eli home early because he was so scared.  She got him calmed down enough to participate in trick or treating.  Eli begged her not to go near anyone who dressed in a Scream mask.

“Oh, don’t worry,” you say.  “’Scream came out in 1996,” you say.  “All the kids will be dressed as President Obama or Carly Rae Jepsen,” you say.

Nope.  Every street corner in our neighborhood had at least one Scream mask.  There must have been a sale.

Diana had to physically drag him, literally kicking and screaming, from house to house and eventually to Kitty’s.

Remember Kitty’s house at Halloween?  Big mechanical zombie?  The one that scarred Eli a few years ago?  Yeah, it was there.  Diana had to walk Eli through an alley to sneak into Kitty’s back door to avoid the zombie attack. 

But, in the end, the boys both got two pounds of candy, which they ate before not going to bed before midnight.

p.s.  Today’s photo of Luca is taken right before he switched from Power Ranger obsessed to Spider Man obsessed.

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