Friday, March 2, 2012


Things are eerily great at our house. Now, I don’t go looking for chaos. But this is a blog about the crazy, sometimes violent, always poop filled world of being the dad of two young boys. The meat and potatoes of my writing involves meat and potatoes being shoved where they do not belong.

The past few nights I sat on our bed and watched Elijah and Luca behave wonderfully to their mother and each other. Elijah kissing the top of Diana’s head. Luca striding around in nothing but a fireman’s hat and boots.

And I’ve thought, “My readership is in jeopardy here, children. My audience wants explosions and all night crying and big black dogs with missing limbs. In HamannEggs, if it bleeds it leads.”

The best I could come up with was Diana asked Eli how his day was and he said, “Great! I picked my nose and no one caught me.”

Funny, but you can’t write a whole blog about that.

Elijah and I are at a particularly peaceful stage. He seems to have completely forgotten where my rage buttons are. We sit and read books and he draws pictures of me and he actually told me he loved me more than his friends Callie and Liddie. Take that, girls!

So, sorry readers. We’re in a bit of a break in the action. But please stay tuned. I’m sure one of the boys is planning a major attack soon.

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