Thursday, March 29, 2012


Yesterday, I received the awful cold that Elijah and Luca suffered from. Since I am a full week behind them in the illness, I know from observation the stages I’ll go through:

1. Sore throat mixed with general malaise.
2. Hacking Cough.
3. Coughing so hard you barf.
4. Calling out in the middle of the night, “Mommy! No! Not Daddy! Mommy!”
5. Anger.
6. Acceptance.

Luca is still stuck right in the middle of the Anger stage. Nothing, I mean, nothing can make this kid happy right now.

First, he’ll scream, “I want a milky!” And when said milky is heated and handed to him, he’ll shove it away and scream, “I don’t want a milky!” And when that milk is poured down the drain, he flops to the floor shrieking, “I want my milky!”

Everything is wrong and necessitates a screaming fit. Kind of like my first high school girlfriend.

He demands to be on Diana’s lap every moment of every day. Or else the screaming begins. So she wears him like a red faced fashion accessory.

It’s hard to get angry because he’s been so sick. But I think he’s gone past the sick thing and he realized screaming is a great way to get what you want.

Yesterday morning, Luca was screaming about wanting/not wanting to watch Fireman Sam on TV when Elijah asked, “How come I don’t get to choose what we watch? Why does Luca always get to choose?”

I simply pointed to the squirming and shouting Luca. Elijah nodded in sober agreement.

Luckily, I think the Anger Stage is on its way out. He managed to go to sleep last night without punching a hole in his wall.

I, on the other hand, feel a scream coming.

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